Fire  alarm  control  panel  type  BS-60  for smaller and medium size installations.

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Fire  alarm  control  panel  type  BS-60  is  an  analogue addressable panel intended for smaller and medium size installations. Up to 99 analogue addressable fire detectors and/or manual callpoints can be connected. Each detector device is monitored by the panel.





*         The 99 fire detectors may be grouped in up to

16 fire zones.

*        The panel contains a 2×40 character text display which indicates the location of the detector(s) in  alarm or fault condition.

*         All detectors are continually monitored.

*        By operating the control panel, a single detector, or a group of detectors (zone) can be isolated temporarily while necessary maintenance work is carried out. The re- maining detectors are still active.

*        A single detector, or a group of detectors (zone) can be isolated or restored locally using a fire zone operating unit type BK-50. When a fire zone is isolated, manual callpoints are still active.

*        Isolated detectors will berestoredautomatically after a preset time.

*        The control panel provides essential control outputs.

*        “Pre-warning” highlights the need to change a detector contaminated by dust.

*         Designed for built-in stand-by accumulators

(24 V 12 Ah).

*         BS-60 meets BS5839 pts 1 & 4

*         The BS-60 control panel can be connected as a slave unit to BS-100 DYFI which will provide BS-60 with all the benefits of the DYFI (DYnamic FIlter) process

Technical Specifications

Dimensions  H=310 mm, W=446 mm, D=141 mm (mounted in cabinet UEA-22/1)
Weight  11,8kg
Material  Steel cabinet with “Lexan” front door. Colour: Grey, Ral 9002
Protection  IP 43
Power Supply  230 V AC +10/-15 %. Frequency: 44 – 440 Hz.
Batteries  2 x 12 V = 24 V, 12 Ah (Not included)


Normal condition:

From 65 to 130 mA at 24 V DC depending on detector load (max. 99 pcs.).

Alarm condition:

Max. 3 A. (BS-60 with 99 detectors and no outputs connected: 500 mA.)

 Inputs  * Detector loop: 14 V DC +/- 0,2 V.

* General alarm (ext. control of sounders), not galvanically isolated.

Outputs  * Sounders (AK): 4 circuits, max. load 0,63 A at 24 V DC each circuit.

* Remote alarm signal (BMA): max. load 1 A / 24 V DC, (pot. free

relay contact).

* Remote fault signal (BMF): max. load 100 mA at 24 V DC. (NPN

transistor with open collector.)

* Control output 1: 24 V DC, max. load 0,9 A.

* Control output 2: max. load 1 A at 24 V DC (pot. free relay cont.).

* Voltage output: 24 V DC, max. load 1 A.

* Zone control outputs: 16 pcs. (zones), each max. load 100 mA

(NPN- transistor with open collector.).

* Data output: Current loop, 20 mA galvanically isolated.

* Special power output (SSK) for BK-50: max. load 0,1 A at 24 V DC.