Systems for the prevention of fire in electrical panels.

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Systems for the prevention of fire in electrical panels.


Activa is an innovative concept for the prevention of fires in electrical panels, electrical power stations both mobile and fixed, shelters for laboratories and/or technological equipment.


Activa is the device capable of integrating an effective detection system with an efficient Aerosol extinguishing system.



How it works:

  • Analyse – Activa operate is a fire detection system continuously analysing the physical parameters of the protected area.
  • Detect – Through the action of a thermal sensor and a carbon monoxide sensor, it is able to detect the early fire condition.
  • Report – Activa is able to promptly report the condition of criticality to existing alarm systems.
  • Extinguish – Activa is able to activate one or more Aerosol generators.
  • Protect – Its intervention is not limited to full-blown fire, but it is able to detect in advance, making the following actions more effective and minimizing damages.

** Power supply included